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HFW welcomes Terri Stevens as 2017’s Fashion Director!

Terri Stevens, best known for her fresh-to-death fashion sense and rockstar personality on the hit reality-tv show Project Runway has been announced as Hair & Fashion Week’s Fashion Director. 

Terri grew up in Chicago, and considers that city one of her influences. “Growing up in Chicago,” she has said, “I hung out with all walks of life and loved how everyone had their own unique style…I have incorporated all of that into my designs.”

She attended Columbia College in Chicago, pursuing a degree in fashion design and merchandising. While at the school, she organized fashion shows, worked at a fabric store and met designer Barbara Bates. Terri started working for Bates, moving up to an assistant designer role. Terri’s also worked for major fashion powerhouses like Nordstrom and Levi’s.

Although this experience in the world of more commercial fashion has probably helped build Terri’s classic American aesthetic, as we saw in the drag challenge (which many viewers felt she should have won), Terri also clearly has access to a less conventional visual vocabulary, and music appears to be just as much of an influence on her as fashion.

“I am rock and roll,” she had said of her style, “…if you’d throw Mick Jagger, Aerosmith, Lauryn Hill, Michael Jackson, and Madonna all up in there, funking and break-dancing.”

Michael Jackson, in fact, appears to be a major influence, and Terri actually has been a Michael Jackson impersonator. She named her higher-end line “Michael Joseph” after Jackson, and points out how he’s had an impact on the world of fashion as well as music and dance.

“I do think Michael Jackson has started a lot of trends that people don’t give him credit for,” she says, “like the Thriller and Beat It jackets, the military gear he rocks, and his cropped pants with dress socks.”

She is also a big lover of house music and gets inspired by the creativity of fellow club-goers, and says “sub cultures are amazing sources of inspiration” for her.

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Hair & Fashion Week Jump Starts 2017 with an Exclusive Travel Club!

3 Years in the making, Bernaes’ Hair & Fashion Week runs strong with a national tour culminating a week-long edutainment event on the beautiful island of St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. This year, we’re offering hair and fashion professionals an exclusive opportunity to become members of the HFW Family. Here are the details:

Member Education/Professional Development:
Education is the foundation to our company. Enjoy an array of  business development and hands on classes. These classes include, but are not limited to; custom hair cutting, creative coloring, branding, marketing, and social media management. Be the first to receive trend alerts and look and learn segments from the industries best educators.

Networking events:
Receive exclusive access to private meet-ups in various cities coast to coast. This includes (monthly)educational classes, with larger events at greater intervals. We encourage members to make and develop connections with each other on a national level with international opportunities. This helps members grow their networks and relationships on a grand platform.

We provide access to regular publications we find that our members will be interested in. Our organization can provide digital copies to members as a membership service, or a relevant book or publication per month that members can order through the organization and get a discounted rate.

Online forums:
We love Our members to talk and share ideas, and the internet has provided an unparalleled opportunity to compare notes with similarly-minded people. We have an online, members-only forum which gives members a safe and reputable place to swap stories, ask questions, and compare notes with their peers. Join us in our private Facebook Group.

Retail Discounts: 
We pride ourselves on personal relationships so we are excited to offer coupons, discounts, promotional codes, and savings to our members. Since 2004 we have been negotiating and providing private discounts to our members — discounts that are not available to the general public. It is not uncommon for our members to save as much as 60% off their purchases of retail, entertainment, and recreational expenses. We have taken huge steps to create such incredible relationships for you.

For More Information About The HFW Travel Club

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